Welcome to St. Augustine's!

As part of the Diocese of Plymouth, the parish of St Augustine is committed to the Diocesan Vision Statement where we are called to become more fully a celebrating, caring, learning and living church.

As a parish we are above all a community of people called together by God to live out our Christian life of witness in the world.

A Celebrating Church

[photo] Procession after Mass

Sunday Mass Times:

Saturday evening 6.00pm
Sunday Morning 8.30am and 10.30am
(Liturgy of the word for children and infants at the 10.30 mass)

Weekday Mass Times:

Wednesday and Friday morning 10.30am
Tueday and Thursday evening 7.00pm
Monday there is often a morning mass at 8.30am
(Sometimes mass is replaced with a liturgy of the word and Holy Communion)

Sacrament of Reconcilliation is celebrated on Saturdays 5.15 to 5.45pm and on request.

Sacrament of Anointing is celebrated communally from time to time during the year.

The Rosary is said together at 10.10am on Friday and at 5.15pm on Saturday in October and May

A period of Exposition and quiet prayer follows the Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning masses. There are parish retreats, days of recollection and other services periodically throughout the year. All details are given in the weekly parish bulletin.


Readers, welcomers, Eucharistic ministers and altar servers all take part in the liturgy and the parish is grateful for their ministry and would wish to encourage others to take part.

The music ministry is thriving and we would want to encourage all who would like to be involved with singing or playing a musical instrument to come along to Friday evening meetings from 6.00 to 7.00pm. If you are interested, Click Here to take a look at the Music Group's page.


A Caring Church

[photo] Parish Children's Group

A Justice and Peace group exists within the parish. This is an eccumenical group which was formed to fulfil the parish's "convenant with the poor". Click Here to visit the J&P group's page.

The Catholic Women's League has a branch in the parish for their work.

Eucharistic ministers and others visit the sick and housebound on a regular basis.

Hospital and residential home visiting is arranged for those on long-term and short-term stays. Please notify the parish office (see Contacts for details) with any details.


A Learning Church

There are opportunities for young people to learn about their faith and also to share the life of the church in different ways.

"Faith for Adults" sessions are held regularly at different times of the year, and other opportunities with visiting speakers and different interest groups exist, all of which can help members of the parish to grow in their knowledge and love of God.

Keep an eye on the Parish Diary for more information.


A Living Church

At St. Augustine's we make a great effort to welcome visitors and holiday makers here. We try and play our part in the local community in a great many ways. Again, you will find information about this in the Parish Diary, the Notice Board on our home page, or on the porch notice board at the church.

We also try and have a full social life in the parish - gathering people for coffee after mass, for social gatherings, occasional parties and outings, and lots of other activites. These will always be announced in this website, the weekly bulletin and advertised in the porch.

A parish pastoral planning group meets regularly, its membership drawn from all sections of the parish. Its role is to co-ordinate and encourage all aspects of parish life.


If you have a question about any aspect of parish life, please get in touch with the parish office. See the Contact Us page for details.