Our notice board is designed for the use of parish groups, parishioners and other Christian organisations wishing to advertise an event or service.

You are most welcome to place an advert on our notice board if you fit into one of these groups. We don't charge!

All we ask is that your notice be of interest to our parishioners and/or to the wider Catholic community.

The following (bendable!) rules apply to adverts:


No more than about 60 words.


You can design an image file to be placed on the notice board, but we ask that it is no more than 72 pixels per inch, with maximum dimensions of 280 x 120 pixels.

If you aren't sure what any of this means, don't panic! Send us the image file that you have in mind, we'll make it fit our rules as best as possible, and check it with you before putting on the notice board.

Please email notices (and images) to webmaster@augustineofhippo.org.uk.

A bit of small print...

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any notice. All notices require the approval of the Parish Office to be published.