Children’s Summer Activity Week
August 8th-12th, 2011

The week was a great success and we are most grateful to Fr. Paul for suggesting the idea. There were 25 children who attended at some time during the week and the majority of them attended every day (it was open to school age children). The financial subsidy and commitment of 26 adults - to supervise and to share their gifts providing catechesis, organising games, providing refreshments, teaching various forms of art and craft, listening/conversing with the children, cleaning the buildings at the end of each day – made the week possible and enjoyable for all.

The theme of the week was ‘Prayer – a way to develop our relationship with God’ – this was developed: in our times for prayer at the beginning and end of the day; prayer before meals; the Parish Mass celebrated by Fr. David Mead on Friday morning; in daily sessions based on the daily Gospel led by various adults; and in songs we learnt together.

Each day had plenty of time set aside for games; quiet time; opportunities to learn new art and craft skills including knitting, sewing, making musical instruments, bead craft, card making, painting and drawing.

Our special events included a day trip by train to St Ives – this was greatly enjoyed by all, as is evident from the photographs attached with this short note. On Friday we had a two hour workshop on playing African Drums – we managed to enjoy this without disturbing our neighbours too much.

As a token of our thanks to our Parish, for supporting this event so generously, we produced a large picture (some photographs are attached – or can be seen in the Narthex in our Parish church) showing the crucified Christ bridging heaven and earth. This was planned by Oskar Stepien (an 18 year old from our Parish), he painted the main picture and produced template figures - which was inspired by a painting by Elizabeth Wang (this can be viewed online using the ‘Images’ setting and searching paintings by Elizabeth Wang) – that were ‘clothed’ by the children (using glue, fabric, lace, wool etc.)to represent themselves and their loved ones on their life’s journey towards Heaven, as enabled by the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

We all had a happy and memorable time. Hopefully it will become an annual event.

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