...you have come together in this Church
so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love
in the presence of the Church's minister
and this community.

Something to Celebrate!

Deciding to get married is a great decision for both of you - and for your families and friends. The Church wants to rejoice with you in your commitment to each other.

This decision is the most important one in your life, as you resolve to give yourself to each other for always. This is not something you have decided lightly and it is right that we should all celebrate this decision of yours.

Christian Marriage

By choosing to get married in Church, you are saying some very clear things about how you understand marriage. By Baptism you have become part of Christ's people, in marriage Christ blesses your commitment and strengthens you by a special sacrament so that you can undertake the privileges and responsibilities of marriage.

Your wedding day will always be very special. it is the day that you say "yes" to your love that has grown together over time. It is also the day that you make a commitment for the future and all that it brings.

The Catholic Church sees Christian marriage as exclusive, for always and as the normal place for raising a family. these are very important matters to undertake; that is why we want to support and encourage you in this great undertaking, and that is why prayer should always be part of this decision.

A Time for Preparation

All the big events in life need preparation, so that we make sure that everything goes as well as we hope. As the beginning of your married life together, thinking about your wedding ceremony will will need careful preparation, but so will preparing for life together.

At St. Augustine's we have a small team of committed parishioners as well as a priest and deacon, who are all trained to help you in your preparation. Your commitment to each other will be without qualification and for always, and that needs some reflection if it is to be made seriously. We hope that we can help you to do that.

In order to ensure that all the appropriate preparation, paperwork and booking has enough time, we ask for six months notice for your wedding.

Music and Flowers

You are welcome to provide your own organist and flower arrangers if you like. These will be guided by the priest or deacon on what is appropriate for St. Augustine's Church. If you prefer, we can try and arrange for an organist and flower arrangers from the parish at modest cost.

The Ceremony

At St. Augustine's, weddings are normally celebrated on Saturday afternoon; but there is no reason why they cannot be celebrated at other times, if all else is in order.

When both partners are committed members of the church, it is good to celebrate the wedding with a nuptial mass. For others a simpler wedding service is more suitable - especially when one partner and their family are not Catholics.

You will need to choose suitable readings and music for your wedding. It is always good to involve members from both families in the service - for the readings, prayers and so forth. All this will be discussed with the priest or deacon who will celebrate the marriage. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss all this, and many other things you wish. It is important that you feel very comfortable and content with the wedding ceremony itself. Rehearsals and all else will certainly be arranged with you.


In order to cover the costs of the Church, we do have a modest set charge for a wedding, but this can be waived if necessary. If you are not a regular churchgoer at St. Augustine's, you might consider making a further donation towards the upkeep of the church.


For more information, please contact the Parish Office